Cambridge Mastercard Foundation Scholarships


Cambridge Mastercard Foundation Scholarships for the 2024–2025 academic year present an exceptional opportunity for talented students from Africa. One of the key aspects to keep in mind when considering this scholarship is the application deadline. Understanding the scholarship’s value, eligibility requirements, and application process is crucial for aspiring applicants.

Scholarship Value:

The Mastercard Foundation Scholarships at the University of Cambridge are fully funded opportunities. The package covers a wide range of expenses for successful candidates. It’s important to note that this scholarship provides comprehensive financial support, alleviating the financial burden that often accompanies higher education. Here’s a breakdown of what the scholarship covers:

Tuition Fees: The scholarship covers the cost of tuition fees, ensuring that scholars can pursue their master’s degree without worrying about educational expenses.

Accommodation: Scholars receive financial support for accommodation, enabling them to reside comfortably within the University of Cambridge’s vibrant and historic environment.

Living Expenses: A significant portion of the scholarship is allocated to living expenses, ensuring that scholars can focus on their studies and personal development without financial stress.

Travel Costs: The scholarship also includes provisions for travel expenses, facilitating the journey to and from Cambridge for the academic year.

The scholarship’s holistic approach to financial support underscores its commitment to removing barriers to education for African students, empowering them to focus on their academic and personal growth.

Eligibility Requirements:

Candidates must meet specific eligibility criteria to be considered for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarships. These criteria aim to identify talented and committed individuals who can benefit from the scholarship and contribute to climate resilience and sustainability in Africa. Here’s a detailed overview of the eligibility requirements:

Citizenship: Applicants must be citizens of an African country, showcasing the program’s commitment to supporting African talent.

Residency: Eligible candidates should either be ordinarily resident in an African country or provide evidence of temporary absence for study or work with a clear intention to return. The scholarship recognizes the importance of nurturing individuals who can drive positive change in their home countries.

Course Length: Applicants should be applying for a Master’s course at the University of Cambridge, with a duration of up to one year. This ensures that the scholarship aligns with the academic pursuits of the candidates.

The eligibility criteria not only establish the foundation for the scholarship’s selection process but also emphasize the commitment to building leadership and expertise in climate resilience and sustainability in African countries.

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Application Process:

Understanding the application process for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarships is vital for prospective applicants. The process is designed to identify dedicated individuals who are passionate about contributing to climate-resilient and sustainable futures for Africa. Here’s a detailed guide to the application process:

Course Application: The journey begins with applying for admission to the University of Cambridge. Applicants must make this application through the course directory and complete it by the funding deadline of the chosen course. The course directory provides a comprehensive list of available programs, and applicants can access it here: Cambridge Course Directory

Supplementary Statement: As part of the course application process, candidates must provide a supplementary statement. This statement is a crucial component of the application, as it should highlight the applicant’s personal commitment to contributing to climate-resilient and sustainable futures for Africa. This statement allows candidates to express their passion for driving positive change in their communities and beyond.

Funding Deadlines: It’s essential to be aware of the specific funding deadlines. These deadlines vary depending on the course you are applying for. Applicants must submit their scholarship application before the relevant funding deadline in order to get consideration.

FAQ and Contact Information:

Candidates should consult the FAQ section on the scholarship’s website for any questions or concerns related to the application process.. This section often addresses common queries and provides valuable information. If your question remains unanswered, you can reach out to the scholarship administrators at for personalized assistance.

The application process for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarships at the University of Cambridge is thorough and rigorous. It aims to identify exceptional individuals dedicated to creating positive change in their home countries and beyond.


The Mastercard Foundation Scholarships at the University of Cambridge provide a life-changing opportunity for African students. It allows them to pursue their master’s degrees without the financial burdens often associated with higher education. The scholarship aims to nurture transformative leadership in Africa. It also aims to contribute to climate resilience and sustainability on the continent. The eligibility criteria and application process reflects these.

Aspiring applicants should carefully review the scholarship’s eligibility requirements and deadlines. They should ensure that they meet the criteria and submit their applications on time. The supplementary statement, which emphasizes the applicant’s commitment to positive change, is a critical component of the application.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholarships at the University of Cambridge offer fully funded opportunities to support talented individuals. The goal is to empower a new generation of leaders who will drive sustainable development and climate resilience initiatives in Africa. They are expected to make a lasting impact on the world. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to further your education, develop leadership skills, and contribute to a brighter future for Africa and beyond. Apply for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarships today and be part of a transformative journey towards excellence and positive change.

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